12 Perfect Picks for Your Catholic Film Club


Are you a Catholic and a film buff? Add these inspiring Catholic films to your “Must Watch” list!

When we were newly married, my husband and I organized a monthly film club.

Friends crowded into our little Chicago apartment and enjoyed a good movie followed by snacks, drinks and conversation. It was great fun for a bunch of moviegoers.

These days, our evenings are all about lullabies and bedtime routines instead of classic movies. But one day, I hope we can create a film club again. For now, I will have to content myself with telling you which films I would choose if I started a film club again.

Just a note that some of these films show actions that are not in accordance with Catholic teachings. The film club is an opportunity to reflect and discuss great films, not primarily for faith education, although there is much to learn about faith from each of these choices.

Good viewing!

The mission

This film about a Jesuit missionary’s experiences in South America in the 18th century offers so much to discuss and will stay with you long after watching it.

A man for all seasons

This dramatization of St. Thomas More’s final years is an enduring classic in every way.

Of gods and men

A group of Trappist monks living near a poor Algerian village must decide whether to leave or stay when terrorists threaten their community. This unforgettable movie is “that almost unheard of movie that you don’t judge – it judges you”.

Sophie Scholl – The Last Days

This film tells the story of Sophie Scholl, a university student who heroically resisted the Nazi regime. Focusing on her arrest and trial, this film helps us get to know a young woman of extraordinary courage and kindness.

A hidden life

Really, every recent Terrence Malick movie should be on this list, but let’s put this one down as a representative of them all. This is the true story of an Austrian farmer, Franz Jägerstätter, who faces execution for refusing to fight for the Nazis in World War II. Malick’s films have a breathtaking contemplative quality that can teach Christian meditation.

Father Stu


Karen Ballard | Sony Pictures

This recent release tells the true story of a boxer turned Catholic priest. (And here’s our exclusive interview with the film’s lead actor and director, Mark Wahlberg!)

Mr Vincent

The True Story of Saint Vincent de Paul “is an imposing achievement among the great spiritual cinema of the world”.

The Keys to the Kingdom

This 1944 film shows the little-known but quietly noble work of a Scottish missionary in China

scarlet and black


Based on a true story, this gripping film follows Vatican Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, who challenged a Nazi colonel to hide thousands of escaped prisoners of war in occupied Rome.

Fisherman’s shoes

This film, which eerily foreshadows the election of Saint John Paul II to the papacy, raises fascinating questions about the role of the pope and bishops in the Church and of the Church in the world.

I confess

What would happen if the seal of the confessional was put to the ultimate test? That’s the premise of this gripping movie about a Catholic priest wrongfully accused of murder after the real murderer confesses to him.

Letters to Father Jacob

This film tells the story of an ex-con who works for a blind pastor who answers letters from the needy. It is “quietly redemptive”, “a story of faith told with simple grace and the small actions of a forgiven sinner who still seeks forgiveness”.

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