Monthly Archives: November 2022

How to join the “Team Hitless” video game club

[ad_1] Photo: Gorodenkoff (Shutterstock) So, I’m really bad at video games. Ring of Elden too proven for me: I couldn’t help dying. Everything I tried, every path I took, seemingly placed me in front of foes who would overtake me at every turn. So I guess I won’t be invited …

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New House Music Club Virgo opens on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

[ad_1] Soon, Manhattanites won’t have to travel to Brooklyn to listen to their favorite deep house music. Virgincutting-edge new technology nightclub focused on bringing the genre to Manhattan, officially opens on the Lower East Side this weekend. Think of it as a mix between a cool London basement club and …

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Pure Xbox Game Club November 2022: A Plague Tale: Requiem

[ad_1] Want to enhance your Xbox Game Pass experience? Join the official Pure Xbox Game Club! We can’t give any credit to the staff for that – the PX Game Club is the brainchild of ralphdibny and the rest of the contributors to the Pure Xbox forums, who have created …

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