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Disney / Buena Vista | 1995 | 78 minutes | G rated | 23 Apr 2019

A wacky movie


A Goofy Movie Blu-ray delivers stunning video and decent sound, but overall it’s a mediocre Blu-ray version

Max Goof’s embarrassing father Goofy takes him on a trip across the country on a fishing vacation in Lake Destiny, Idaho. Goofy went to the same place with his father when he was Max’s age. This vacation is Max’s worst nightmare, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time – his original plan was to escort his dream date Roxanne to her friend Stacey’s holiday party to attend a Powerline concert in Los Big Screen TV. But Goofy refuses to let Max spend the holidays, so Max has no choice but to cancel the date with Roxanne.

To know more about A wacky movie and the Blu-ray version of A Goofy Movie, see A Goofy Movie Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on March 15, 2021 where this Blu-ray version marked 2.5 out of 5.

Director: Kevin Lima

Screenwriters: Chris Matheson, Brian Pimental, Jymn magon, Curtis armstrong, John dooolittle

With: Bill Farmer, Jason marsden, Jim cummings, Kellie martin, Pauly Rive, Wallace shawn

Producers: Leslie Hough, Patrick reagan, Dan Ronds, Michel serrian, Will wagoner

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A Goofy Blu-ray movie, video quality

4.5 out of 5

A wacky movieThe 1080p Blu-ray picture quality is quite good. Blu-ray retains a fine-grained, uniform and flattering structure, which gives a pleasant cinematic flavor to the presentation. It is noticeably sharp in all areas. The lines are crisp and the lively details hold up, especially in the wooded areas where dad and son will be camping, but also around school offices and through all the mess in Goofy’s house as seen. in the first few minutes. The character models are also well detailed, crisp, and real in motion, perhaps more so than even the static backgrounds from shot to shot. Color grading is a highlight, the image is vivid and well saturated with no appreciable fading. The tones are appropriately bold with a pleasant neutral contrast across the film’s diverse spectrum, whether it’s sunny exteriors or low-light interiors and everywhere in between. The black levels are solid. There are no examples of print deterioration and encoding problems are virtually non-existent. Disney has done absolutely well with this hidden gem of a transfer.

A Goofy Blu-ray movie, audio quality

3.0 out of 5

Dolby Digital 2.0 lossy soundtrack may lack a stage presence, but it doesn’t necessarily want something bigger; it takes almost full advantage of the limited arsenal available to it. The fundamental qualities of fidelity and spacing are satisfied by the track but they are not demanding in the excellence of the presentation but perhaps demanding up to the limits allowed by the encoding. There is a lot of width at the front as music flows freely through the two front speakers. The clarity satisfies, a positive point for a track of this configuration and in particular for a film with musical vocation which lives and dies by the song in so many scenes. The track is always dynamic and alive, never hesitates to engage as much as it can and where it should for maximum impact, again within its meager limits. And it doesn’t just start and end with the music. There’s a nice feel to the rain falling and the lingering thunder rolling in chapter eight. While this is nothing beyond the call of duty, the very competent, spaced and detailed presentation, especially in this setup, is to be commended. There are numerous examples of the expressive nature of the trail throughout. It frequently overcomes its real and perceived limitations to present the best possible audio presentation in this encoding. It’s still not to excuse the lack of lossless encoding (or even 5.1 lossy encoding) but that the track is quite good in delivery as is, which should be a relief to fans. Finally, the dialogues are clear and the images well in the foreground of the scene.

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