DID YOU KNOW? Originally, director Ron Howard was Position to direct INSIDE MAN, but he left the project to direct THE CINDERELLA MAN. When director Spike Lee came on board, INSIDE MANbecame an anomaly in his filmography – as the film was neither written nor co-written by Lee.

DID YOU KNOW? INSIDE MAN marked the fourth time that director Spike Lee possesses worked with Denzel Washington. Lee offered Washington his choice of roles in the film – and the actor turned down the role of Dalton Russell, because the character appears masked over most of the image. Clive Owen also had qualms about being masked throughout; the script was eventually revised to include scenes or character’s face was revealed.

DID YOU KNOW? The phone conversations between Clive Owen and Denzel Washington were filmed simultaneously with cameras filming the two actors on different sets at the same time.

DID YOU KNOW? Ais a tribute to DOG DAY AFTERNOON, director Spike Lee cast actress Marcia Jean Kurtzwho played a hostage named Miriam in the 1975 classic as hostage Miriam Douglas in INSIDE MAN. Lee gave the role of the policeman who delivers the pizzas in INSIDE MAN to Lionel Pinawho had also played a pizza delivery boy in DOG DAY AFTERNOON.

DID YOU KNOW? The name on the pizza boxes that were delivered to the bank Is “Sal’s Famous Pizzeria,” which was the fictional pizzeria in director Spike Lee’s iconic 1989 film DO THE RIGHT THING.

DID YOU KNOW? Director Spike Lee asked the cast to improvise many scenes in INSIDE MAN including interrogations and a discussion with a justreleased as a hostage in a cafe. Lee noted that he almost spoiled the ending of the last stage laughing at a joke Denzel Washington improvised to get a cab.

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