Art Lovers Movie Club: Vivian Caccuri and Gustavo von Ha, “Vivian and Gustavo”


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Over the past 25 years, sertanejo artists, producers, and businessmen have established one of Brazil’s most popular musical genres (as well as a highly profitable industry). It is a romantic musical genre also described as sofrência (translated roughly as “suffering”): usually sung in duets, the artists mourn a broken heart or a missing home, in mythical settings. When not feeling the pain of loss, songs often praise excessive drinking as a way out of grief and as an expression of self-reliance and freedom. Sertanejo the music became more important than any Brazilian musical genre in terms of profit and political power. Vivian Caccuri and Gustavo Von Ha imitate the “duo” format that has become a standard feature in sertanejoto remix images and songs highlighting the fictional aspects of the characters, myths, aspirations and national ideals of this genre.

About the artists

Vivian Cacuri lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His work explores musical cultures, proposing sound experiments that go beyond the auditory field and encompass the visual, the physical and the technological.

Gustavo von Ha lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. His work engages with questions beyond hegemonic narratives – often structured into performative actions that begin from the artist’s research period – and exist in the space between reality and fiction, authorship and
cultural industry.

Screening dates:
Vivian Cacuri and Gustavo Von Ha, Viviane & Gustave (2020), episodes 1 to 4: May 3-17, 2022

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