Battle Mountain High School Drama Club presents ‘Clue’ this weekend, and they got it all set in six weeks


The Battle Mountain High School Drama Club will present “Clue” this weekend. Based on the beloved board game, the game brings a different take on the classic thriller. There is a full mystery murder storyline featuring all of Clue’s iconic characters – Ms. Peacock, Ms. Scarlet, Ms. White, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Mr. Green – plus new faces to complete the cast.

Senior Ethan Pyke plays Wadsworth, one of the new characters.

“He claims to be that traditional, mean, tense British butler, but he’s really deeper than that. He knows what’s going on more than people think, ”he said.

One of the most remarkable feats BMHS players have accomplished has been their ability to muster performance in such a short time. The drama department had originally planned a different production, but switched to “Clue” in October. The actors and actresses were out of the book – meaning they had to have all of their lines completely memorized – extremely quickly. Typically, they have a lot more time to learn and internalize everything before they really hit their practice rate.

“Normally we have 12 weeks to put on a show. This one, we had six. They take him like champions. I couldn’t be more proud of them, ”said Alexandra Trosper, choir teacher and director, who co-directs the play with David Mayer.

“Showing everyone what we can do is super exciting,” said junior Ella Dunn, who plays the Cop.

Most of the main roles are played by longtime actors and actresses. Lexi Peterson is a senior and has been involved in theater programs for the past few years. She plans to go to college for music once she graduates.

“The only big role I had was Beauty in ‘Beauty and the Beast’,” she said. “It’s just completely different.”

She also said it was fun for her to step into a new role and try out a character build that she had never played before.

But there are also never any theater artists in the cast. Junior Phillip Gallegos auditioned for the previous production on a whim – his friends and Ms Trosper encouraged him to re-audition after Clue’s announcement.

“The hardest part for me was getting into this,” he said. “It’s gratifying. I’m on the speech team and a friend of mine really pushed me towards this.

The theater department is most excited for the audience to see the surprise twist at the end.

“I don’t want to reveal anything,” Gallegos said, “but the second act is a killer.”

While Clue is a board game beloved by children and adults across the country, the script contains plenty of sexual innuendo. The Drama Department wants everyone to know that the play is only suitable for children 12 and older. The shows take place on Thursday December 5, Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7 at 7 p.m. each evening. Tickets cost $ 8 for students and $ 10 for adults.

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