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The Cody Drama Club returned from a recent trip with Casper with a third place finish in the state and two national qualifiers.

The club secured the top spot in Division 3A at the Wyoming High School State Drama Competition.

Ben Wambeke qualified for the nationals for the solo musical and Courtney McVey for costume design.

Ellie Wooden was also named All-State for Fantastic Makeup.

Wambeke said the solo music category – he sang “Once Upon a Time” from “Bare, a Pop Opera” – was the category he cared most about. Still, he was thrilled to win his first All-State award.

“It’s a big deal to win something like this,” he said. “To see that all the hard work you have put in over the years has paid off is a really satisfying feeling. “

He said that in the past the event conflicted with “The Nutcracker”, but this time he was able to make it work.

McVey won the All-State last year, but it was also his first national championship qualification.

Her costume work was modeled on what she had done for the play “Bye, Bye Birdie”.

” I am delighted. I didn’t think I would do as well as I did, ”she said. “At the beginning, I did not calculate that I had done national championships. I learned that at school on Monday from the announcements.

“I started to scream and panic.”

Twenty Cody students attended the three-day event and participated in several events in the fields of acting, musical theater, and design. Over 650 students from 27 schools participated in the annual event.

The Cody team received 29 honorable mentions (or excellent rating) and four All-State awards (superior).

Coach Bethany Sandvik said they will raise funds to help eventually get the two qualifiers and any other interested members at the National Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Neb.

Wambeke said he would like to go if he could.

“I absolutely want to go,” he said.

Along with the competition aspect, there are workshops and auditions at the college.

McVey is already trying to find a way to get to Lincoln.

“I would love to go to the national championships, not even just to compete, but to learn from all these people who have a lot more knowledge than me,” she said. “I want to bring this knowledge back to Cody to make the best plays possible.”

Courtney Blethen (senior) honorable mention: group scene

Samantha Bogdarus (second) honorable mention: musical duo and group stage

Skylah Bree (senior) All State: costume design; honorable mention: musical solo and group scene

Luke Campbell (junior) honorable mention: novice duo and group stage

Kirsten Hull (senior) honorable mention: monologue, imagined theater and group stage

Kavan Johnston (junior) honorable mention: duet and group stage

Courtney McVey (junior) All State: costume design, realistic makeup; honorable mention: musical group, group scene, monologue and musical duo

Harley Meadows (second year) honorable mention: group scene

Jasper Mork (junior) honorable mention: novice monologue and group scene

Hudson Oelschlager (freshman)

Jake Sandvik (second year) honorable mention: duet, musical duo, group scene, film and costume design

Lucille Sax (senior) honorable mention: duet, group stage, group musical and imagined theater

Andy Scott (sophomore) honorable mention: novice duo and group stage

Brynja Stalcup (senior) honorable mention: musical solo, monologue and group scene

Trisha Tamblyn (senior) honorable mention: musical solo, monologue, duet, group musical, group stage, commercial, dramaturgy / monologue

Ethan Walton (senior) honorable mention: lighting design

Ben Wambeke (junior) All State: musical solo; honorable mention: costume creation, musical duo and group stage

Garret Winkler (junior) honorable mention: duet and group scene

Ruby Woods (senior) honorable mention: fantastic makeup and group scene

Ellie Wooden (senior) All State: fantastic makeup; honorable mention: duet and group scene

Coach: Bethany Sandvik.

Assistant Coach: Annamarie Victor

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