Disney Movie Club Relaunches Exclusive Blu-ray Program –

Just in time for its 20th anniversary, the Disney Movie Club has apparently brought back its long tradition of releasing Disney titles exclusively for members.

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After a gap in exclusive releases since late 2019, Disney Movie Club has announced that two Disney Vault movies will debut on Blu-ray for those who are members of the program. The two films in question are from the years 1985 The Black Cauldron and the years 2005 Valiant.

Most Disney Blu-ray fans would agree that The Black Cauldron is the bigger deal of the two, as home video collectors have been asking for this title on Blu-ray for many years now. However, due to its history, it is not surprising that The Black Cauldron took so long to find its way into the format. Controversial upon its release, this film has always had the wind in its sails from The Walt Disney Company. It made its VHS debut in 1998, one of the last Disney titles to also adopt this format. It has since received two DVD releases, ten years apart.

Valiant, on the other hand, is a movie that is not actually directed by Disney. Although promoted as a Disney film in the United States, it was produced independently in Britain. With bad reviews, it has been largely overlooked and ignored by The Walt Disney Company.

Both titles are set to release exclusively at the Disney Movie Club on May 4.

For those looking to stream these titles in the meantime, they’re available on Disney +.

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