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By Natalie Anderson

SALISBURY – City Council members today will consider issuing a special use permit to operate a private tavern at 118 West Innes Street.

The virtual meeting will begin at 3 p.m. and will be webcast live on and on the city’s Twitter account and Facebook page. Anyone wishing to speak during the public comment period should register by 2 p.m. today by contacting City Clerk Kelly Baker at or 704-638-5233.

Larry Roth, owner of the Shuckin ‘Shack Oyster Bar at 118 N. Main St., is applying for a special use permit to operate a bar / tavern on the first floor of the building at 118 W. Innes St., which is approximately 2,138 square feet. The bar would be called “STL Club” and is described as “a classic social games club”.

STL Club would offer classic games such as bowling, table football, trivia, darts, chess, pinball and classic board games. In a note on the proposal, city staff listed Queen Park Social and Slingshot Social Game Club in Charlotte and The Basement in Concord as similar establishments.

In a note from Roth to board members, he said the hours of operation would be Wednesday through Saturday from 3 p.m. to midnight.

“I have been asked many times what else is there to do in the area that is suitable for the age,” Roth said in the memo. “I realized that there was no other form of entertainment available in Salisbury town center for the age group (35-65) that was within walking distance of local restaurants. After dinner at the restaurant, adults can get together, play games and enjoy the company of others.

Roth also said he restored and replaced the windows and awning and repainted the facade. The interior has been restored to its original 1890 pewter ceiling and the plaster removed to expose the original brickwork. Reclaimed wood was also installed on the accent walls in addition to the new wood flooring throughout.

Roth said in the note that an annual membership fee of $ 125 will allow members to enter and enjoy club activities.

Also at the meeting, City Council members will review revisions to the Downtown Revitalization Incentive Grant program, which was established in 2014 to promote economic growth and historic revitalization in the Central Municipal District. -city. The city credits its involvement in 12 major downtown projects, including the renovation and expansion of Salty Caper Pizza on Lee Street, the update to the heating and air conditioning at the Meroney Theater and the move of Barnhardt Jewelers from Spencer .

The grant program consists of three competitive matching sub-grant programs targeting different project activities. Some proposed revisions include combining the Residential Production Sub-subsidy with the Residential Utilities Sub-subsidy and increasing the maximum subsidy from $ 7,500 to $ 10,000 per residential unit, up to $ 100,000. The Building Rehabilitation Grant promotes the stabilization and preservation of older historic buildings, with a maximum grant of $ 50,000 or 25% of eligible project costs. The Residential Production Grant promotes the development of new residential units and would have a maximum grant of $ 100,000 or $ 10,000 per residential unit. The Fire Suppression Grant encourages the expansion of fire lines in lanes to service multiple buildings and can be used to offset the costs of building a sprinkler system. Fire grants have a maximum grant of $ 25,000 and can cover up to 50% of expansion costs.

Other changes include the use of a scoring rubric to make grant selections, the formation of a grant review committee, and the establishment of an annual grant cycle.

In the other items of the agenda:

• City Council members will provide a donation of $ 112,000 to the Salisbury Fire Department.

• Council members will hold a public hearing on a petition to close the 100 block of West 16th Street, which is a 60 foot unimproved right-of-way.

• Mayor Karen Alexander will proclaim November Indian and Native American Heritage Month.

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The Secret Movie Club hosts Halloween-a-thon at the theater at DTLA Sat, 30 Oct 2021 17:30:00 +0000

LOS ANGELES – The Million Dollar Theater is one of the gems of Broadway’s Theater District, and while not officially known to be haunted, it contains over 100 years of LA stories that tell us about the past. .

What would you like to know

  • The Million Dollar Theater is one of the gems of the Broadway Theater District, built by showman Sid Grauman and opened in 1918
  • The theater was both a concert hall and a movie theater and, over the years, has hosted the biggest stars of the world and has become a popular venue for musical acts in the Spanish language.
  • The theater is now a location for the Secret Movie Club, which shows classic 35mm films
  • The Secret Movie Club hosts a month-long Halloween-focused movie program, culminating in an all-day Halloween-a-thon

In recent years, the theater has also become one of the venues for the Secret Movie Club, which has helped revive the space and has attracted volunteer historians like Steve Gerdes, who comes to the screenings to share some of his knowledge.

Gerdes carries a book filled with historic photos of the Million Dollar Theater which he shows visitors while explaining the theater’s rich history. He explains, for example, that over the years many of the world’s greatest music, stage and screen performers have made Million Dollar appearances.

“A lot of great bands have played here,” said Gerdes. “Artie Shaw, Lionel Hampton, Billie Holiday performed here, and they would be showing a movie in addition to the live music.”

Charlie Chaplin also appeared. Gerdes showed off a photo of Chaplin playing the theater pipe organ with Sid Grauman, who built the theater, as well as the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

Although the heyday of the theater has passed, its former glory is constantly remembered. Backstage are the boxes that would have hosted some of the biggest stars of the stage and cinema, now dark and dilapidated, chilling reminders of the golden age of theater.

Gerdes pointed out that many decorative architectural elements in the theater, including some animals, also give the space an air of mystery.

“A lot of the characters are taken from a children’s story that was very popular during the construction of this place called ‘the king of the river of gold’,” said Gerdes, pointing his flashlight at a brooding figure. ‘a dog above the stage. proscenium. The dog is a character in the story, which revolves around two brothers and has supernatural elements.

“[In the story] because the two brothers were such wicked people, the southwest wind blew through the valley and destroyed everything, ”Gerdes said.

Gerdes always brings a flashlight to the theater so he can point out details to visitors, like the golden eagles flanking the balcony. They were once gilded but were repainted many years ago when the theater ceased to function regularly and was mainly used as a location for filming.

Throughout the month of October, moviegoers have come to the Secret Movie Club’s Halloween series to see classic horror films released on 35mm. Secret Movie Club founder Craig Hamill has said Halloween is one of the best times to screen movies.

“October is like our Christmas,” Hammill said. “When you show horror movies, everyone comes out. So in a strange way, this is what we consider to be the start of our year. You go through stresses and fears that you have to go through but in a safe space, and you know everyone else is experiencing it with you. “

The Secret Movie Club’s Halloween-a-thon includes everything from Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” to John Carpenter’s original “Halloween”, but Gerdes said he doesn’t care too much about horror movies. It enriches the cinematographic experience with a lived story.

“The [Broadway] theaters are so special because they are just one of a kind place, ”said Gerdes.

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B-Movie Club Celebrates Bad Movies – The Huntingtonian Fri, 29 Oct 2021 04:01:16 +0000

An overview of HU’s B-Movie Club.

By Thad Arnold, Editor-in-Chief

Every Friday evening, students gather in the Becker Hall screening room to watch a movie. While it is not uncommon to watch a movie on campus, these students don’t expect the movie they are watching to be good. In fact, they hope for the exact opposite. These students discovered the B-Movie Club.

A B film is a low budget or poorly produced film. The term comes from the days when movie theaters played double feature films in the first half of the 20th century. The higher budget movie, often better quality, was Movie A and the low budget movie that followed was Movie B.

The B-Movie Club is the brainchild of David Rozema, Senior Animation Major, who wanted to find a way to share his passion for B-movies with the rest of the campus.

“I’ve really always loved watching these movies so bad they’re good and wanted to share that with people,” Rozema explained.

Rozema started the B-Movie Club in his second year. After less than a year, however, the students were forced to return home at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Upon their return to campus the following semester, he soon realized that the B-Movie Club should be set up. socket.

“We couldn’t have any gatherings in the screening room, and I think the screening room is very important to B-Movie Club,” Rozema said.

With students now allowed to use the screening room again due to the easing of COVID restrictions, Rozema decided to bring the club back to HU. Although the participation rate does not exceed a few students each week, he is not surprised as he realizes that “B-Movie Club is not for everyone”.

“I remember hearing people make flippant remarks, ‘Who would go for such a thing? What a strange idea: to intentionally go or watch a bad movie? and it was a little overwhelming, but we have regulars and stuff, ”Rozema shared.

So far, these regulars, as well as those who try B-Movie Club for the first time, have been able to enjoy titles such as “Horror High”, “Crater Lake Monster”, “The Dancing Ninja”, “The Killer Shrews “,” Karate Dog “and” Robot Monster “.

Rozema recommends the B-Movie Club to anyone with “weird, niche humor.” He also believes that a bad movie can teach someone as much about cinema as a well-done movie.

“When you watch a good movie, what’s good is almost invisible, but with a bad movie it almost increases the achievement,” he said. “If one aspect is really bad, it’s really obvious. I think it’s a lot easier to dissect the craftsmanship of a movie.

Senior Madison Morehouse has attended the B-Movie Club regularly this semester. She loves being able to go out and make fun of bad movies every week.

“I would recommend it to people who don’t take movies too seriously and just want to have a good time,” Morehouse said.

For those interested, the B-Movie Club meets in Room 305 at Becker Hall on Fridays at 7 p.m. While riffing on bad movies might not be for everyone, Rozema believes everyone should try at least once.

Rozema goes on to say, “I didn’t think B-movies were something I wanted to watch regularly until I started doing it regularly.”

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Find content with my own Movie Club Thu, 21 Oct 2021 19:04:36 +0000

As far as I’m concerned, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. I know those of us who are vaccinated have some protection against the virus; however, I always limit my activities to mitigate any exposure. Included on this list of places I’m not yet ready to visit is a movie theater.

When I had my kidney transplant in 2002, I was in quarantine for a few months at home after the operation. This is because my immune system has been deliberately manipulated to test its strength without recognizing the foreign organ in my body and attacking it. In other words, I had no immune system after the procedure, and they slowly rebuilt it to a level safe for me and my new kidney. When I was able to return to the world, one of the places the doctors warned me about returning was the cinema.

The reason is that they are rarely thoroughly cleaned. My first job was in a movie theater at Shady Brook Mall in Columbia, Tennessee. I worked at the dealership booth and checked out the VHS tapes for rent in the lobby. Thinking back to my time there, it is true that although the floor can be swept or mopped, I don’t recall any of my colleagues vacuuming or cleaning the chairs and armrests – ever – at unless they did when I wasn’t there. Since all of the employees were bored teenagers, I doubt that was the case.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never go back to the movies; I like the movies. I am, however, happy with my film club, an activity that my friends and I created at the start of the pandemic and that we plan to continue even when this phase of life is finally over. A handful of us tune into Zoom every Thursday to discuss the designated movie we all watched the week before. We each take turns picking the movies from the platforms we all have, like Netflix or Prime, and watching it on its own keeps everyone’s schedule running smoothly. This has proven to be a great way to get to know this diverse group better, as a pattern has emerged of the genre everyone is particularly interested in.

The latest offer, for example, is “My Octopus Teacher”. This documentary beautifully illustrates the unexpected friendship between the filmmaker and an octopus he discovers while snorkeling. Also on our latest watched list, I Care A Lot, Snowpiercer, Vertigo and Pride.

We’ve watched horror, fantasy, teen romance, and sci-fi movies, among others. In a year and a half, my film club has been an opportunity to broaden my range of films and to learn to see films as more than a few hours of entertainment. It has also proven to be a valuable tool for mental health during a time of loneliness.

As I mentioned, I am delighted to return to a movie theater when the time is right for me. I just hope my group can maintain a vestige of the camaraderie we have established around this medium when life returns to normal. Otherwise, I will ask the stranger next to me for a coffee afterwards to have someone with whom to analyze the film.

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The enduring legacy of the Bellingham Music Club Tue, 19 Oct 2021 20:52:50 +0000

Keep the rhythm

The enduring legacy of the Bellingham Music Club

To listen

What: Rastrelli Cello Quartet presents “From Brahms to the Beatles”


7:30 p.m. Sat. 30 Oct.

Or: Auditorium Syre, 237 W. Kellogg Rd.


Please wear masks and be prepared to show proof of vaccination

Cost: $ 30 ($ 10 for students aged 12 to 18 with ID)


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

If there is anything that the members of the Bellingham Music Club have learned in the many decades since their first meeting on February 22, 1916 with the New England Conservatory-trained pianist, Mrs. CX Larrabee, it is that adaptation is the key to their survival.

When Larrabee founded the BMC with her fellow violinist and renowned conductor Ms. Mary Davenport-Engberg – who had also founded the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra six years earlier – it was with the belief that making music works as a great unifier and nourishes the soul. Members of the new women’s club auditioned to be part of her popular performances, which also raised funds to give to outstanding student musicians at Western Normal School (now Western Washington University). Thanks to the financial boost, many of these young performers continued to earn a living by making music.

In the years that followed, the world would change and evolve, as was the Bellingham Music Club. In 1988, for example, then-president Ethel Crook opened membership to men, invited local artists and WWU professors to perform at the meetings, and expanded the student rewards program of the club with competitions for piano, voice and orchestral instruments.

By 2000, additional programs had been added to the club’s roster, including a number of separate competitions for high school and college students in Whatcom County. Fourteen years later, BMC’s mission had broadened to include free morning concerts featuring award-winning students as well as professional musicians, and “Night Beat” performances open to the public, from solo recitals to percussion, in passing through string ensembles and original cabaret shows. .

When these shows and performances were forced to take a hiatus due to the pandemic in April 2020, it didn’t take long for Bellingham Music Club president Charli Daniels to reach out to the more than 250 BMC members. with words of hope for the future. In the club’s next newsletter, she noted that she had phoned the Spring Contest winners to get their addresses to send in the awards, and the appreciation they expressed for hosting the events in the first place validated the BMC’s mission to encourage and inspire the younger generation of musicians to keep the art form alive.

“Soon we’ll be together again,” Daniels wrote. “For the past 104 years, the Bellingham Music Club has supported Bellingham through previous pandemics, including the ‘Spanish Flu’ in 1918. We are always here for you and the musicians in our great community.”

Although it takes another 18 months before the BMC will host live music again, Daniels’ prediction was correct. Last September, Cayley Schmid and Clea Johnson performed a Celtic music-themed program on stage. The club also hosted a free concert with renowned oboist Bhavani Kotha and pianist Rebecca Manalac on the morning of October 8 at Trinity Lutheran Church, and presented a longer program that evening for the long-awaited return of “Night Beat “.

Bellingham Music Club is always evolving. Current president Isabelle Cormier notes that, thanks to the feedback they have received from club members and loyal donors, events will now be held on Fridays and Saturdays (instead of Wednesdays), providing “more opportunities to applaud. , to encourage and to be moved. together. What remains the same: Most ‘Night Beat’ performances are affordably priced at $ 20, and you can still bring a teenager for free.

Before the club’s regular schedule continues with an evening concert featuring violinist Grant Donnellan on Friday November 5, BMC will host the famous Rastrelli Cello Quartet (pictured) for a performance on Saturday October 30 at the Syre Auditorium at College Whatcom community. Tickets will be a bit more expensive, but they promise it will be worth it.

“From Brahms to the Beatles” will see Russian-born virtuoso musicians spanning everything from Russian folk tunes to the Beatles songbook, works by Grieg, Brahms and Piazzolla, as well as film scores by Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and Henry Mancini. This is the quartet’s only engagement on the West Coast and promises to make a magical evening of live music, something the Bellingham Music Club has provided to the community for 105+ years.

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BC Hunting and Fishing Club reflects on future after Supreme Court denies appeal Wed, 13 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A court case over public access to a pair of British Columbia’s lakes has died in the water after the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear an appeal.

The small fishing club near Merritt that initiated the lawsuit is now considering its future.

The Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club had sought the opinion of the highest court in the land after the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled earlier this year that US billionaire Stan Kroenke, owner of Douglas Lake Cattle Company ( DLCC), Canada’s largest ranch, may prevent the public from crossing its property to fish on Stoney and Minnie Lakes, even though the lakes are owned by the Crown.

Read more:

BC Beef Company Wins Appeal; ranch authorized to restrict public access to 2 lakes near Merritt

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear an appeal, leaving the club with no further recourse in the matter.

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The club is now considering whether it will pursue a separate lake access case and whether it will even continue to exist when faced with the obligation to pay the legal costs of appealing the livestock company, such as the ‘ordered the provincial decision.

The club is also suing the DLCC, Corbett Lake Lodge and the province for allegedly blocking public access to Corbett Lake via the Okanagan Connector road right-of-way that extends into part of the lake.

Club member Rick McGowan told Kamloops This Week a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday (October 13) to decide whether to drop the case.

Click to play the video:

US billionaire wins court battle to shut off public access to two British Columbia lakes

US billionaire wins court battle to shut off public access to two British Columbia lakes – March 5, 2021

McGowan said given the rulings from the provincial appeals court, he was not sure it would be worth pursuing a similar case related to access to Corbett Lake. He said the club will also discuss, during the meeting, their options regarding DLCC legal fees, which they have no plans to pay. McGowan said the club will either have to file for bankruptcy or form a new club under a new name.

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“We certainly can’t afford these big bills coming in at us and we don’t want to fundraise for them,” McGowan said, noting that the club has already received a bill for $ 44,000. “We’re a non-profit club, so we don’t have a lot of money. “

Kroenke is the owner of the NHL Colorado Avalanche, NFL Los Angeles Rams and English Premier League Arsenal. Married to a descendant of the Walmart family, Ann Walton, Kroenke is a real estate developer who also owns large ranches in the United States.

Forbes magazine estimates its value at $ 8.5 billion.

Click to play the video:

Public access battle for popular Corbett Lake fishing spot

Public access battle for popular fishing spot Corbett Lake – April 18, 2018

The club has held raffles and raised over $ 200,000 for its own legal fees over the years, McGowan said, adding that there was “no desire” to do the same to pay lawyers. of the cattle ranching business. He said the club may also be billed to pay the province’s legal fees in the matter.

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McGowan said it was disappointing that the Supreme Court of Canada did not hear the appeal.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow and basically the people of British Columbia just got run over and the government just doesn’t seem to care,” he said.

Since BC government laws do not protect the public’s right to move on private land to access public lakes and waterways, the BC Court of Appeal overturned parts of the 2018 ruling by BC Supreme Court Justice Joel Groves accepting a narrow argument from Kroenke’s lawyers that an old Crown-owned railroad route that Groves said should allow anglers to access the line does not quite reach the edge of Stoney or Minnie lakes.

“The public road in question does not reach the natural limit of one or the other of the lakes, as defined by survey. The Trespass Law authorizes the DLCC to prohibit the public from crossing its property, including its land underwater, ”reads a summary of the appeal decision.

Club lawyer Chris Harvey called the dismissed Supreme Court of Canada hearing a “totally unsatisfactory situation” and noted that the court does not give reasons for dismissing a case.

Read more:

Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke buys Outdoor Network after InterMedia deal ends

Harvey told Kamloops This Week that the club had gone to the highest court to appeal part of the B.C. Court of Appeal ruling that said if a lake bed belonged to to a private owner, anyone floating above public water always entered it.

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Previously, Harvey said, the public had the right to travel on water no matter who owned the lake bed below and now this “very strange decision regarding water intrusion” will stand until so that it can be overturned by the courts.

“The club has succeeded in establishing public road access to Stony Lake, but now, according to the court of appeal judgment, you can access the lake, but you cannot put your boat in or enter the lake.” , did he declare. .

Harvey said he believed the Supreme Court of Canada would have overturned the ruling had it agreed to hear the club’s appeal.

Click to play the video:

Courts will rule on public access to popular fishing lake

Courts to rule on public access to popular fishing lake – January 18, 2016

Harvey said the precedent set by the British Columbia Court of Appeal would extend to all dam-enlarged lakes in British Columbia, which he said could be plentiful.

McGowan described the final decision regarding Minnie and Stoney as “pretty serious.”

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“Now a landowner, by acquiring a provincial water license, can flood their own private lands, thus blocking public access to the public lake for the rest of the time and they essentially get public lands or lakes for free and have them. British Columbians will be stranded. forever, ”McGowan said.

Harvey said Corbett Lake has also been dammed and extended to the point where private land is now underwater, noting that if the case were to go ahead it would essentially come down to a conflict between land law , requiring public access to a lake, and trespassing law.

Click to play the video:

Are we losing what makes British Columbia special?

Are we losing what makes British Columbia special? – April 6, 2017

“So this is either another case where you have public access to the lake, but you cannot use the lake, or the court will decide that the land law prevails and the public has access to the lake regardless of the owner. from the bottom, ”Harvey says.

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McGowan said the club’s intention in launching the Minnie and Stoney Lakes case in 2013 was to get the provincial government to come to the table and stop the privatization of public spaces.

“Clearly the government doesn’t want to do this,” he said, “so I guess we are fighting a losing battle.”

© 2021 Kamloops this week

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Cinemark Introduces Movie Club Platinum, Bringing Superstar Perks to the Most Dedicated Movie Lovers Thu, 30 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

PLANO, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Cinemark Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s largest and most influential film companies, is increasing the benefits of the big screen for its most loyal moviegoers with the introduction of Movie Club Platinum. Developed in direct response to the greatest wishes of Cinemark Movie Rewards members, Platinum Club Movie is a brand new premium tier of Cinemark’s industry-leading monthly movie theater membership program that rewards frequent visitors with exceptional savings. Movie fans can find out more about Movie Club on or on the Cinemark mobile app.

“We have developed Movie Club Platinum the same way we have developed our industry-leading Movie Club program – by listening to our moviegoers and giving them what they really want,” said Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Director of Marketing and content of Cinemark. “This premium tier of our monthly subscription program rewards our most frequent moviegoers with bigger savings and bonus tickets, making a trip to the theater even more valuable for those who love it the most. Cinemark always strives to roll out the red carpet for our guests, and providing this incredible award is our way of giving our most loyal members the celebrity treatment. With the exceptional lineup of movies hitting the big screen, there’s no better time to get the most out of cinema. ”

Platinum benefits for the most avid moviegoers

Movie Club Platinum illustrates Cinemark’s commitment to continually evolve the customer experience and find new ways to reward its moviegoers. All Cinemark Movie Club members who visit a Cinemark cinema 25 times or purchase 60 tickets in a calendar year will automatically earn the coveted Platinum benefits. In addition to their existing Movie Club benefits, Platinum members will also earn two bonus movie ticket credits, receive an increased concessions discount of up to 25 percent, and the ability to purchase up to five tickets at the same price. member per transaction, all at no extra charge. Cost. These additional perks pay homage to the most avid moviegoers, offering them elite privileges that elevate the cinematic experience.

Movie buffs can reach that superstar level even faster in 2021 by visiting a Cinemark cinema eight times or purchasing 24 tickets by December 31. A member’s status is enhanced upon reaching the threshold and remains platinum throughout the following calendar year.

Inspired by Cinemark moviegoers

The Cinemark Movie Club was the first theatrical exhibitor membership program in the United States and has been a fan favorite for almost four years. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, Cinemark has done extensive research with customers on how to make the program even more exciting for loyal moviegoers. In polls, active Movie Club members were extremely enthusiastic about a high level of rewards with additional benefits for frequent films. The development of Movie Club Platinum further underscores Cinemark’s dedication to its moviegoers and the company’s pursuit of creating a frictionless movie experience that simplifies work and pleasure.

Launched in December 2017, Cinemark Movie Club was the first transaction-based movie subscription service. Movie Club is a component of Cinemark Movie Rewards, Cinemark’s tiered loyalty program that rewards moviegoers with one point for every dollar spent at a Cinemark theater. As a paid loyalty tier, Movie Club offers a significant value proposition to moviegoers. For $ 9.99 per month plus tax, Movie Club members earn one ticket per month, a 20% concession discount, a companion ticket at the member price per transaction, online fee waiver, and the ability to carry over unused tickets. Movie Club makes it easy to experience the joy of watching movies with family and friends Cinemark is committed to evolving Movie Club to continue to surprise and delight moviegoers with rewards on the big screen.

With the exciting new movies coming to the big screen soon, Movie Club members will upgrade to Platinum status in a flash. No Time to Die, Dune, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Eternals, West Side Story and more will hit theaters the rest of the year, and 2022 will be full of action with movies like Top Gun: Maverick, the long awaited Avatar following, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Mission: Impossible 7 and Jurassic World: Dominion, Just to name a few.

About Cinemark Holdings, Inc.

Based in Plano, Texas, Cinemark (NYSE: CNK) is one of the world’s largest and most influential film companies. The Cinemark circuit, comprised of various brands that also include Century, Tinseltown and Rave, operates 521 theaters (323 in the United States, 198 in South and Central America) with 5,864 screens (4,426 in the United States, 1,438 in South and Central America) in 42 national states and 15 countries across South and Central America. Cinemark consistently delivers an extraordinary customer experience from the initial ticket purchase to the closing credits, including Movie Club, the first subscription program launched by US exhibitors; the highest penetration rate of Luxury Lounger reclining seats among major players; XD – the premium large format of the No. 1 exhibitor brand; and plenty of food and drink options to further enhance the movie experience. For more information, visit

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]]> 0 The Sewickley Music Club is back with the 2021-22 season Thu, 30 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

After a year-long hiatus from meetings and events – with the exception of its 100th anniversary celebration in May – the Sewickley Music Club is back.

The club’s 2021-22 season is a continuation of its centennial celebration, which kicks off on October 12 with a program titled “Elements of Doo Wop”, starring “DooWop Doctors” John Pastin and Al Condeluci.

Performances for the season will to take place To many Sewickley churches, the My turn Heights Country Club, the Edgeworth club and same To a Sewickley area domain.

Performances are reserved for members of the music club and their guests. According to Suzanne Fenello, director of advertising for the club, members pay a nominal annual fee that helps defray the cost of the six performances and venue fees.

The club is always looking for new members.

“The tradition of entertainment, followed by formal tea, was established in October 1921 by Miss Olive Nevin, a native of Sewickley and founder of the Sewickley Music Club,” Fenello said. “As a concert soloist herself, the club’s goal was to bring together musicians from the Quaker Valley area to perform, as well as experience different styles of music, songwriters, dance and socialize with other professionals from the music.

“The Sewickley Music Club warmly welcomes people from all surrounding communities, both gifted and simply appreciative of the musical arts, for new members.”

The performances span the gamut of musical styles – and this is top notch talent.

“Instrumental and vocal performers have been sought after and attracted to local and surrounding areas, as well as those who have been inducted into the Pittsburgh Music Hall of Fame, performed on Broadway, London, Chicago and other notable cities in the states. -United and abroad, ”Fenello said.

In addition to the “Elements of Doo Wop” show on October 12, the 2021-22 season performances are:

November 9: Cello Fury, “The Power and Passion of the Cello”, with Nicole Myers, Simon Cummings and Cecelia Caughman

December 14: Pittsburgh String Trio, “Holiday Memories”, with Younga Reitz, Joyce Wohlgemuth and Juan Jamillo

March 8: Pittsburgh Trombone Project, “Classics, Broadway & Americana”, with Kevin McManus, Jim Nova, Bob Matchett and Chris Carson

April 12: Roger Barbour Jazz Band, “An Afternoon of Music”, with the Roger Barbour Band Jazz Quartet

May 11: Annual reunion and spring lunch with singer Katherine Soroka and Edgewood Symphony pianist and conductor Walter Morales

For more information on how to become a member, contact Suzanne Fenello at 724-316-3631 or visit the club’s Facebook page at Sewickley Music Club.

Katie Green is Editor-in-Chief of Tribune-Review. You can contact Katie at

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Cinemark Expands Movie Club Membership Program With Platinum Level Providing Additional Benefits Thu, 30 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000
Cinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and the XD Theater. (Photo: Business Wire)

Cinemark is expanding the benefits for its most loyal customers with Movie Club Platinum, a new premium level of the exhibitors’ theatrical membership program, Cinemark Movie Club. The news was announced today.

Movie Club Platinum will provide all customers who visit a Cinemark theater 25 times or purchase 60 tickets in a calendar year access to Platinum benefits, which – in addition to their existing Movie Club benefits – include two ticket credits from bonus cinema, an increased concessions discount of 25% and the possibility of purchasing up to five tickets at the member price per transaction, all at no additional cost. A member’s status will be enhanced upon reaching the threshold, with Platinum benefits remaining in effect for the following calendar year.

Until December 31, 2021, Movie Club members can reach Platinum even faster by visiting a Cinemark cinema eight times or purchasing 24 tickets before the end of the year.

According to a statement, Cinemark has conducted “extensive customer research” on how to make the existing Movie Club program more attractive. Through surveys, the exhibitor has determined that active members “are extremely excited” about adding a rewards-based premium tier with additional perks.

Launched in December 2017, Cinemark Movie Club is a component of Cinemark Movie Rewards, Cinemark’s tiered loyalty program that rewards moviegoers one point for every dollar spent at a Cinemark cinema. Movie Club is a paid loyalty tier ($ 9.99 per month) that includes one ticket per month, 20% discount on concessions, one companion ticket at the member price per transaction, online fee waiver, and possibility of carrying unused tickets.

“We have developed Movie Club Platinum the same way we have developed our industry-leading Movie Club program – by listening to our moviegoers and giving them what they really want,” said Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Cinemark CMO and CCO, in a press release. “This premium tier of our monthly membership program rewards our most frequent moviegoers with bigger savings and bonus tickets, making a trip to the theater even more valuable for those who love it the most. Cinemark always strives to roll out the red carpet for our guests, and providing this incredible award is our way of giving our most loyal members the celebrity treatment. With the exceptional lineup of movies hitting the big screen, there’s no better time to get the most out of cinema. “

You can find out more about Movie Club on or on the Cinemark mobile app.

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Conversion of ‘The New State’ theater to music club now includes café Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:57:03 +0000

The effort to convert a historic old theater into an all-ages music club on the west side of Milwaukee adds a restaurant and an outdoor stage to the mix.

This development, dubbed The New State, would combine a non-profit arts group to help young people discover the world of music with for-profit businesses including sound engineering studios, a store to sell t-shirts and other branded goods of musicians and a sober performance hall for all ages.

The project would redevelop the old State Theater at 2612-2616 W. State St.

A nonprofit group, New State MKE LLC, purchased this building and two vacant lots near the city in 2018 for $ 2,000.

New State MKE has since removed asbestos from the building and made emergency repairs to the roof and foundations, said Dima Pochtarev, the group’s executive director.