First show of the year at Weyhill Music Club, everything is set for later this month

Michael Wooldridge will begin the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society (WEOS) concert program for 2022, which will make his eighth appearance for the club.

In addition to his many UK engagements, Michael has given concerts in Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Australia and has worked with bands in Ireland and Dubai.

He is currently the main tutor at Rye Wurlitzer Academy and spent three years as a tutor at the University of Sussex.

Previously, he was the Music Director of countless summer and Christmas theatrical tours, and worked with names such as Syd Little, Paul Daniels, Bobby Crush, Dana and the stars of the Black and White Minstrel Show.

Michael will be joined by Gareth Thompson of London, a superb drummer and percussionist who, like Michael, has performed around the world to various audiences.

From his early days playing with brass bands and big bands, to time spent in orchestral pits accompanying shows, he now tours extensively with his folk rock group, supporting music legends like Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. .

Gareth and Michael previously performed together for WEOS at The Lights Theater in Andover a few years ago in October 2012.

The concert, to be held at Fairground Hall in Weyhill, will take place on Thursday 20 January from 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7:00 p.m.), and tickets for £ 6.00 are available at the door.

Further information about the club and the show can be obtained by calling 01264 323213 or by visiting the WEOS website, available at

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