HBKU Student Theater Club Presents a Famous Puppet Theater Play in English for the First Time


Audience watching the play at the Minaretein in Education City.

Doha: On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the student drama club with the student affairs of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) presented a performance of the children’s puppet theater play “Bushra and the sea”, for two days.

The play was presented in cooperation with the Department of Theater Affairs of the Ministry of Culture (MoC), at the Minaretein (formerly the building of the College of Islamic Studies) in Education City.

Bushra and the Sea has always entertained Arabic-speaking audiences and been an incredibly popular show.

“Bushra and the Sea” is presented as part of HBKU’s Student Theater Club activities. Our students coordinated with the Ministry of Culture and introduced it to the Qatar Foundation community and audience.

“The play was previously performed in Arabic only, but for the first time it is presented in English as well as a gesture to reach all segments of Education City students and the community,” Faisal Al Mohannadi, Senior Supervisor of student engagement, HBKU says La Péninsule.

Al Mohannadi also said that the play is presented with the support of technology and complements HBKU’s educational programs. He also pointed out that moving the culture of theater and art into the future is based on technology and innovation.

Faisal Al Mohannadi, Senior Supervisor of Student Engagement, HBKU (left), and Student Theater Club, President, Wohaib Khalid

Student Theater Club, President, Wohaib Khalid, “We perform this play as part of extracurricular activities. We were able to present it in English and Arabic and it is presented with the support of 3D green screen technology.

“Bushra and the Sea” is based on the story of a wise and gentle king who sends his three children on a quest to find out which of them will best rule his kingdom when he leaves. “We are delighted to present one of our productions today in this magnificent hall of the Qatar Foundation. With our thanks to HBKU, the organizers and hosts of our show and the support of the Ministry of Culture’s Center for Theater Affairs,” said Reem Behzad, Artistic Director of Puppet Space, creator, writer, designer and co-director of Bushra and of the Sea.

We are very proud of this show which was supported by the Ministry of Culture. Their support allowed us “to collaborate with our talented puppeteers and longtime colleagues in Edinburgh Kim Bergsagel and Symon Macintyre of Vision Mechanics, who helped us develop the script, direct the first version of the show and build everything with a great expertise,” she added.

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