Ideal Games and Board Game Club stage ‘bank heist’ to launch new family game Bank Attack – ToyNews

It is against the backdrop of the Bank Burglary Escape Room, crown jewel of Escape Entertainment London, that Ideal Games, alongside the Board Game Club, launched last night (Wednesday, October 16) its new cooperative – and intense – family game, Bank Attack.

Suitably challenged not only to experience the gameplay of Bank Attack, to execute the series of in-game commands in order to break the vault and escape with the loot inside, teams of retailers, Gaming and media fans were invited to participate in the bank robbery room escape event.

The participating “gangs” took part in gripping challenges to find hidden clues and solve puzzles in order to enter the vault and steal the Crown Jewels.

Lynette Norris, Marketing Manager at John Adams Leisure, said: “Celebrating the launch of Bank Attack in this way has provided us with the perfect way to demonstrate the intense suspense and thrill that gaming generates. It was a huge success and incredibly rewarding to watch Bank Attack entertain an influential audience in a creative and immersive collaboration.

“Family play has already received a fantastic level of support and feedback from retailers, consumers and the media combined – to be listed as one of Amazon’s best toys for Christmas is a very positive sign and we are. sure Bank Attack is the only bank families are going to break this Christmas.

Bank Attack is the fast-paced, family-friendly, safe-raid co-op game that’s already topping Christmas wishlists this year.

To break the safe, players choose a role in the party – be it Hacker, Money Man, Look Out, or Explosives Expert, and work as a team to release the gold hidden inside.

Bank Attack has a retail price of £ 24.99 and is aimed at two to four players aged seven and over.

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