I’ll be home for Christmas Blu-ray (Disney Movie Club Exclusive)

Disney Movie Club Exclusive

Disney / Buena Vista | 1998 | 86 minutes | Classified PG | October 09, 2018

I will be home for Christmas


I’ll be home for Christmas Blu-ray offers great video and audio, but overall it’s a poor Blu-ray version

A student struggles to return home for Christmas.

To know more about I will be home for Christmas and the Blu-ray release I’ll Be Home for Christmas, see I’ll Be Home for Christmas Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on December 23, 2020 where this Blu-ray release marked 2.5 out of 5.

Director: Arlène Sanford

Screenwriters: Harris Goldberg, Tom nursall, Michael allin

With: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jessica bienne, Adam lavorgna, Gary Cole, Eve gordon, Lauren Maltby

Producer: David Hoberman

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I’ll be home for Christmas Blu-ray, video quality

4.0 out of 5

I will be home for Christmas may be a forgettable movie, but its 1080p Blu-ray transfer gives at least one reason to watch videophiles. The picture is excellent and in many scenes comes close without fail. The fine grain remains stable throughout. It’s very light and flattering and more than useful for shaping a healthy and hearty, movie-quality presentation. The details are crisp and clear. The characters’ faces and clothes are the obvious highlights, especially Jake’s beanie, beard, and costume. Location details are also well defined, making it easy to capture environmental complexities. It’s not as crisp as the best in the market, but for a lame catalog release Disney provided a picture that came close to the best of the movie. The colors are well rounded. The red Santa costume lacks a lot of finesse but there is no obvious bleeding and certainly no lack of oomph. The site’s colors are very solid for depth and precision; one of the best examples comes from the Bavarian hotel seen later in the film. Low-light scenes (night trips by car or bus) are too dense and overwhelm some details. At the other end, the snow appears as a crisp white. The image only shows the very odd speckle and no encoding issues.

I’ll be home for Christmas Blu-ray, audio quality

4.0 out of 5

I will be home for ChristmasDTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack proves capable and carries basic movie audio signals well. The music never hesitates to stretch far to the sides while retaining both the aggressiveness and the clarity of the score and in particular energetic rock music; a Santa Claus sprint to chapter 11 is one of the best examples of musical detail, stage engagement, and modest surround and subwoofer output. Scattered atmospheres find capable clarity and positioning. A vivid example is a rapid flurry of rolling thunder and pouring rain at the 25-minute mark, providing a healthy sense of space and detail. Crowd din on a bus, train or at an airport benefits from balanced stage placement. Dialogue maintains good clarity and central positioning throughout.

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I’ll be home for Christmas Blu-ray, news and updates

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