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Despite the obstacles that members of the performing arts community have faced as a result of the spread of COVID-19, the Musical Theater Club has developed a creative plan for its annual blocked reading.

On November 5 and 6, the Musical Theater Club will perform a reimagined tale from the classic Disney film, “Aladdin,” written by StarKid Productions and titled “Twisted” outside the Greek Theater.

Junior Theatrical Performance and MTC Host President Kendall Berry has enthusiastically taken on the role of directing “Twisted.”

“I think it’s going well,” Berry said. “I was a little nervous because it’s the first thing we tried to do in the middle [the pandemic], but I’m excited.

To disseminate the staged reading, MTC held virtual auditions in which members submitted videos of their auditions.

In addition to the normal challenges of stepping up a performance, MTC members involved in production face the issue of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“Right now we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to work with the masks for the actual show because it’s harder to hear when people are wearing them,” Berry said.

Although the show airs for free on Facebook, the crew and cast of “Twisted” are excited about the prospect of having a live audience on the go.

Theatrical performance junior Nathan Catalanotto has been an active member of MTC since his first year. He will play the captain of the royal guard in the show.

“I think during our forties we all missed the live aspect of the theater,” Catalanotto said. “I’m glad we can still play.

Emily Grace Loe, senior in psychology, is currently deputy chair of the board and will read Jasmine’s role in “Twisted.”

Loe said the scripts in hand on stage help her have more fun with the show and not stress out about memorizing the lines.

“It’s like playing pretend with friends,” Loe said. Catalanotto echoed Loe’s feelings.

“We are all delighted to be playing in front of a crowd in public rather than behind closed doors,” Catalanotto said. “People passing by can come and see what’s going on and stay if they wish.

Loe said she was excited about the prospect of performing outdoors and staying involved in theater throughout her senior year.

“We have to wear masks all the time, which stinks, but it’s just generally good that we can all play,” Loe said.

Catalanotto participated in the reading last year and is thrilled with this year’s performance and the opportunity to connect with other members of the musical theater community.

“It’s really fun,” Catalanotto said. “I think everyone likes to see each other again. Even though we have our masks on, we can still interact with everyone and laugh together. “

Although some members are nervous about performing live again, Catalanotto said he has confidence in the cast.

“I think the actors are quite talented and they work hard enough to put on the best show we can put on,” Catalanotto said. “It will be a great show, and I hope everyone gets a chance to come see it.”

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