Mahopac Theater Club doubles the fun

Mahopac High School Drama Company students performed “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” from April 28-30. (Photo credit: Manny Martinez, Mahopac High School)

The Mahopac High School theater kids have had a lot to juggle this year. In addition to regular and demanding school work, they had to manage a very condensed theatrical season which consisted of presenting two plays since the Christmas holidays.

“This year has felt like a long season,” said drama director Christopher Purr, an English teacher. “We played the fall play and immediately jumped into the spring musical. There were many challenges, but the students rose to the challenge.

For three nights, April 28-30, the Mahopac High School Drama Company dazzled crowds with the springtime musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

The fall drama, “Clue,” had premiered in mid-January instead of November due to high school construction. As soon as that play ended, the drama club was back, working on the springtime musical.

“It’s pretty much the same group of students, so that was a lot to ask,” Purr said. “The children show so much commitment. Almost all of the students chose to stay on board for the Spring Musical.

To complicate matters, the “Spelling Bee” show was a big production that required a large stage and technical team. In addition to learning their lines, the dozens of student actors also had to learn the songs.

Chorus teacher Jacob Rhodebeck taught vocal music to the actors and provided piano accompaniment, while band teacher Richard Williams led the pit band.

As she has done for every play for years, English teacher Sonya Velez rallied the cast and served as an assistant drama director.

“We’re all pretty tired,” Purr said. “But we had a great time.”

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