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Members of the Mandurah Movie Club were devastated following the decision of the Mandurah Performing Art Center (MPAC) not to renew the program.

The nearly 500-member club used to enjoy a range of international films, which they previously had to travel to Leederville or Fremantle to see.

Mandurah Movie Club director Angela Simms said she had received more than 50 emails from members deeply saddened by the news.

“I’m disappointed because I started bringing in these international films, which previously slipped past Mandurah.

“The community is so important – it’s single people who can go to a theater and sit next to someone and talk to the person next to them about the movie.

“I’m fighting for the limbs, I’m not fighting for myself – that’s why it can’t fail.”

Mandurah Movie Club director Angela Simms said the news was deeply saddened for many members. Photo: Supplied.

In a letter to Mandurah Courier, Margaret Watson, a member of the Mandurah Movie Club, said she had hoped the program would continue this year.

“For six years we have enjoyed a wonderful selection of international films not shown in our local cinema and as a resident of Mandurah, I had hoped that this enjoyable hobby continues in 2021,” he said. she declared.

“We’ve been a member for a while and enjoy movies that we should have gone to Perth before to see, there were around 500 members so you see a thriving group,” added another member, Jean Laws.

Ms Simms said she could “not find an explanation as to why” the club had not been renewed.

“I haven’t considered showing the movies anywhere else yet because I still think MPAC is the best place to have it,” she said.

“I am ready to negotiate again because the members still want films.”

However, MPAC chief executive Marc Missiaen said the decision not to renew the Mandurah Movie Club was based on a number of reasons.

“It’s a club for the community so we didn’t want that to happen but sometimes it does, which is unfortunate,” he said.

“We could no longer offer 16 screenings a year because it overloaded our entire center, which is why we proposed to reduce it a bit, but it was not successful.

“He has also operated at a loss for the past two years, but that was not the main reason we didn’t renew the club.

“We will reimburse all members, it is quite complex but we are working through the process.”

Mr. Missiaen also stated that MPAC will still offer films in the future.

“We will always offer films here in the future with a very diverse program,” he said.

“We want people to continue to enjoy the films – we are considering collaborating with Luna Cinemas.”

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