Matthew Lillard and director Bill Whirity launch ‘Midnight Movie Club’, the first-ever decentralized movie studio

Actor Matthew Lillard (Scream) and writer-director Bill Whirity (semblance) launched Midnite Movie Club, an NFT-based project that allows holders to participate in the first-ever “decentralized movie studio”.

The operation is rather simple. Each NFT grants one vote to its current owner (the more NFTs you own, the more you can vote). The blockchain records every vote, ensuring that only holders can vote and only cast the votes assigned to them. Once a vote is cast, it is recorded and immutable.

Using this system, you’ll be able to both vote on which movies get the green light as well as the creative decisions the filmmakers bring to the community throughout production. They already have a movie ready to start immediately. Here are some examples of things you’ll be voting on: deciding which actors we’ll bid on first, choosing costumes, props, or creature designs, choosing our movie poster design, and more!

5,555 NFTs will be offered on the Ethereum Blockchain at 0.09 ETH for 1 or 0.08 ETH for 2+ (around 250-275 USD)*

The NFT will be released on April 20.

The studio will primarily focus on horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, and fantasy. The first project is a high concept vampire movie titled let them die is expected to start production in the summer of 2022.

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