Movie Club begins with shiny, chrome-plated analysis of Mad Max: Fury Road

Welcome to our very first installment of Collider Movie Club! Hosted by Cie Jandreau and Perri nemiroff, Movie Club offers an in-depth exploration of the key themes, execution and impact of some of our favorite films. This week, Coy and Perri welcome Hector Navarro at the Movie Club to dive into the epic journey of bringing Mad Max: Fury Road on the screen.

Road of fury hit theaters around 17 years later George miller started to develop the idea. After numerous setbacks and a particularly difficult filming, the film roared in theaters, sweeping aside expectations. Not only Mad Max: Fury Road going on to earn $ 375 million at the global box office, but it also won a total of ten Oscar nominations, including one for best picture, and then it took off six wins. In addition to being a huge critical and box office success, Mad Max: Fury RoadThe dazzling stunts and thematic resonance of also made it one of the more watchable recent releases, making it an ideal film to highlight in the inaugural episode of Movie Club. You can consult the Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Club edition at the top of this article!


Image via Warner Bros.

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After witnessing this Mad Max: Fury Road Collider Movie Club edition, stay tuned as we’ll talk 10 things I hate about you with Variety’s Angelique Jackson on next week’s installment.

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