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Born from the relationship between guitar and drums, Movie Club is an instrumental psych rock group from the bustling streets of Venice Beach. The duo merges the concentrated rock drums of Jessamyn Violet with the searing riffs of guitarist Vince Cuneo. For the single “Trap Door” from their upcoming EP “Fangtooth”, the group continues their quest to create stunning cinematic visuals for their music by heading to the legendary Salton Sea, California.

“Bombay Beach is like where the Burning Man Festival takes place for the other 50 weeks of the year,” said drummer Jessamyn Violet. “There are so many captivating constructions, trippy statues and signs. It’s like nowhere else on the planet.

The music video for “Trap Door” appeals to the 1950s classic “The Red Balloon” but with one particularity: it’s entirely inverted, with different colored balloons that correspond to very different locations. From the murky shores of Bombay Beach to the bizarre artistic structures that dot the small desert town, Movie Club braves even notoriously toxic waters for the foreground of the ‘Infinity Swing’. The journey continues into the night, ending with the post-apocalyptic “Bombay Beach Estates” dance in what looks like a carnival shell. Cinematography crew Dustin Downing and Brian Feinzimer chase balloons with drones and snap photos like never before.

“We definitely stepped out of our comfort zone making this video,” said guitarist Vince Cuneo. “I don’t know how to describe crawling in the Salton Sea, but there was a point where I thought that physically I wasn’t going to be able to take it.”

The Movie Club’s fifth studio album, “Fangtooth”, was recorded at Fonogenic Studios by Jeff Thompson and mixed by Mark Rains (Paranoyds, Death Valley Girls). “Trap Door” stars Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie) on bass and David Ralicke (Dengue Fever) on flute. The album was mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys) and will be released on August 10th.


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