Operation Dumbo Drop Blu-ray (Disney Movie Club Exclusive)

Disney Movie Club Exclusive / 20th Anniversary Edition

Disney / Buena Vista | 1995 | 108 minutes | Classified PG | Apr 26, 2016

Operation Dumbo Drop


Operation Dumbo Drop Blu-ray offers great video and audio, but overall it’s a poor Blu-ray version

To maintain the loyalty of a hometown during the Vietnam War, a US Army officer and his unit struggle to deliver a live elephant to it.

To know more about Operation Dumbo Drop and the Blu-ray version of Operation Dumbo Drop, see Operation Dumbo Drop Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on March 14, 2021 where this Blu-ray version marked 2.5 out of 5.

Director: Simon Wincer

Screenwriters: Gene Quintano, Jim Kouf

With: Danny Glover, Ray liotta, Denis leary, Doug E. Doug, Corin Nemec, Tchky Karyo

Producers: David Madden, Diane nabatoff

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Operation Dumbo Drop Blu-ray, video quality

4.0 out of 5

Operation Dumbo Drop falls on Blu-ray with professional 1080p transfer. The image is stable and pleasant if it cannot be described as gaudy or flamboyant. It is a soft hair in places but mainly of very good quality. The grain lacks visible density a bit, but the image rarely, if ever, suffers from serious and significant noise reduction. The details are stable and pleasant for the most part, with thin skin and military uniform details easily noticeable in most medium and close shots. Likewise, the interior of the cargo plane has a nice texture definition for objects strewn on or on the material making up the hull itself, and of course, the elephant’s skin and fine hair are crisp, respectively. and well represented. The picture struggles a bit outside, where the dense jungle under the canopy or the large fields look a bit softer than sharper, but it’s really hard to imagine the movie looking much better. in theaters in 1995. The same applies to the color spectrum. It’s not vibrant or micro-nuanced at all, but broad tones, mostly earthy greens and browns, are presented with nice depth and overall tonal variance. Some of the loudest colors come in small details like the packaging of the Nestlé candy bar seen in several scenes with its whites and blues. Skin tones and black levels are good, neither particularly good nor conspicuously poor. The print is in relatively good condition and there are no major and obvious encoding issues to note.

Operation Dumbo Drop Blu-ray, Audio Quality

4.0 out of 5

Operation Dumbo DropDTS-HD’s DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack demonstrates good control over movement, especially when helicopters cross the sky from side to side or, more fully, when the rotors turn like one. Hear from inside the helicopter with excellent control over depth and weight involved. The heavy airlift cargo plane also rumbles in several key scenes, with an impressive sense of weight movement inside and out. The noise of the site is very pleasant to the ears, whether on military bases, in the jungle or inside airborne vehicles. Battle scenes provide plenty of activities for surround immersion, drawing the listener into terrain battle scenes where gunfire and explosions erupt and resonate, respectively, with all the necessary details and positioning elements (but not fully realistic). The music is impressive for scenic saturation and instrumental and, if necessary, lyrical fidelity. The dialogue is clear, fluid, precise and well hierarchical as it stems from its natural front-center house.

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