Pierce Brosnan and Russell Crowe join the comic book movie club.



Thus, the distributions of comic books continue to have weight and class! THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER would have added Maximus himself while ADAM BLACK has a date with 007.

I don’t know who is playing Russell. The man just lost his beloved dad recently (condolences, sir) and so may be in need of the distraction at work and the fun of a comic book movie. The GLADIATOR star was a fantastic asset to STEEL MAN and it was nice to have her voice recalled in the SNYDERCUT JUSTICE LEAGUE. Crowe isn’t known for comedic timing, but he can “do it” because he’s a versatile craftsman. Whatever the role? Even if it’s just a comedy cameo like itself? Mr. Crowe is a great asset and it’s just fun to work and spend time with.

Pierce is another matter as far as his character has been announced. Doctor Destiny is a wizard in DC just like Dr. Strange is in Marvel. Logic. In fact, I often felt like Cumberbatch mirrored Pierce a bit in his movements, probably having grown up on Golden eye etc? Brosnan has never been unemployed. The pure ethics of man is to carry on, through thick and thin, no matter what. He has no time for self-indulgence. So if he had a string of B movies, he resisted until the big hits punctuated the trend. Consequently, it is rewarded every few years with a hit in the air. His 007 was the Blair / Clinton era Bond movie model in the same way Daniel Craig’s was the response to 9/11. Mama mia was about the money. And now he’s joining the comic book squad. Well done. This DC movie development also allows Brozza to play an alternate universe to Batman if Michael Keaton turns out to be unavailable? Just a thought ..

The two actors are adapted to the chosen platforms. Russ’ will pierce Thor’s Australian irony and bond well with Chris Hemsworth. Pierce has a kind of ballet sweetness that’s made for onscreen witchcraft. Taken together? It is nostalgia turned towards the future. Both actors peaked in leading-man bankability around 2000, as Crowe was even hinted at as Pierce’s natural successor before a Russell-like Daniel Craig..

I idolized the two guys at the time during the foggy and hot Oxford summer of 2000/1. Although in retrospect it may have cost me the role of Henry V in an audition against Rosamund Pike, as the directors felt I was reading the role like a rugby coach and seemed ‘distracted’ (lesson for yourself: don’t copy Maxiums or get hypnotized by beautiful girl trying to win a role). Another lovely lady pointed out that I used to order Guinness with a voice of Pierce Brosnan. Ah the memories. I digress …

..Russell himself enjoys music, poetry, and all the fancy things that are more naturally associated with Pierce. They both had almost missed disappointments on movies that were awesome and should have spawned a franchise but didn’t. Master and Commander could and should have created multiple adventures. Thomas Crown could easily have nailed a pre-sequel. But comes the man and stuff and now, luckily, it’s a common time for these guys, Pierce and Russ.

History repeats itself on the film and it is the second wind model by which the heroes of the directors’ youth are brought into the fold to play the role of supporting villains, mentors and dads. Vital again, until the end, but less heat and pressure on them as career builders or franchise builders. Think Gene Hackman, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery in the 1990s.

This is very encouraging news! Keep it up.

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