Pure Xbox Game Club September 2022: Immortals Fenyx Rising


Want to enhance your Xbox Game Pass experience? Join the official Pure Xbox Game Club!

We can’t give any credit to the staff for that – the PX Game Club is the brainchild of ralphdibny and the rest of the contributors to the Pure Xbox forums, who have created a community that comes together monthly to play a game on Xbox Game Pass and share their experiences. Games are voted on monthly by the contributors involved.

The September 2022 game is Immortals Fenyx Rising, which is available on console, PC and via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The Breath of the Wild-style adventure was just added to Xbox Game Pass earlier this week.

Below is the forum thread to get involved (it has almost 2000 entries so far!):

If you’re interested in the type of discussion going on, here’s what a few contributors had to say about last month’s Pure Xbox Game Club title, Marvel’s Avengers:

  • xMightyMatt14x on Pure Xbox:
  • “I spent the first two weeks of August playing through the original campaign as well as the three expansions and a few side quests. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised overall! Although I’m also d agree with those who wished the game had a more linear, less loot-oriented direction.”

    “The bland, bloated middle of this game when it tries to introduce gear, grind, and cosmetics brings down what could have been a really great game. The first two hours, the character, and that final mission are very good I found the final mission locked behind some collectibles that you had to do a nonsensical side quest for quite blatantly.”

    If you have any questions about Pure Xbox Game Club, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

    Are you part of the Game Club? Do you have anything to mention about this? Let us know below.

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