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Who would have thought that sitting in a basement watching some of the worst movies of all time could be such an entertaining evening? We arrived at Annie’s Burger Shack at 5 Broadway about ten minutes before the first movie started (I got lost) and were greeted and shown to our table. It was then that we were shown the delights of all the food and drink offerings. I opted for the Broadway burger and a pint of Corona for £19.95, and the movie-themed drinking games we could join in on. Each table had a selection of Haribo and the like, and we settled down to watch the first cinematic disaster of the night, Anaconda (1997). Just before the screening, we were treated to a message from actor Vincent Castellanos, who played Mateo the driver of the boat (whose name was called so much in the first thirty minutes of the film that it was turned into a game at to drink).

Our food arrived about ten minutes into the movie, just as Ice Cube was doing something particularly “Ice Cube-esque” (another drinking game). The burger and fries were gorgeous and proved that Annie’s reputation for food quality is more than justified. The movie was crap, but watching it in the company of friends and with copious amounts of alcohol bumped the star rating from one to five. Everyone laughed and cheered as the evil CGI snake knocked out B-list actor after B-list actor. Jon Voight seemed to push himself to the forefront of every scene and ogled and sneered every second of time. screen. Everyone had had a good time.

All in all a fantastic evening and highly recommended

After a short break, where my friend Dan won a VHS copy of Anaconda for guessing correctly how many Razzies he was nominated for (it was six), we got an introduction from screenwriter Todd Farmer and Jason himself, Kane Hodder, to our second film, Jason X (2001). Jit was of course the umpteenth sequel to the Friday 13e franchise, except this time Jason was in space in the far future. The now well-lubed crowd laughed and cheered as Jason dumped a spaceship’s worth of Z-list actors (the best being Jason beating a girl in a sleeping bag, with another girl in a sleeping bag).

All in all a fantastic evening and highly recommended. The next night is scheduled for Friday the 16thyou December, with a double bill of Mac and me and Troll 2.


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