Rocking Horse Music Club releases new concept album / rock opera “Circus of Wire Dolls”


Rocking Horse Music Club – Circus of Wire Dolls

Featuring members of Squeeze, King Crimson, Brand X, The Cars and more!

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, USA, August 31, 2022 / — Plane Groovy and Rocking Horse Music are proud to announce the 2022 release of Rocking Horse Music Club’s new rock opera/concept album, “Circus of Wire Dolls”. The album will be released on double CD on September 16, followed by double vinyl on October 21.

“On the surface, the record tells the story of a man who creates a miniature circus out of wire, string and fabric,” says producer/songwriter Brian Coombes, “but it’s really about a man who looks back on his life, his work, the people who entered and left his world, his successes, his failures, his regrets.

“Circus of Wire Dolls” is the follow-up to the band’s tribute album to Anthony Phillips, “Which Way the Wind Blows” (2019). “After the Ant Phillips tribute, which was a real labor of love for me, I wanted the band to get back to doing what we do best,” says Coombes. “We’re primarily songwriters, so I wanted the band to get back to featuring our own material.”

With its theatrical presentation, “Circus of Wire Dolls” required a number of singers to voice the characters in the story. In addition to the band’s three singer/songwriters Justin Cohn, Patrik Gochez and Brian Coombes, the characters are hosted by: Ms. Amy Birks, Tim Bowness, Caroline Carter (Miss New Hampshire 2017), Evelyn Cormier (American Idol), Chris Difford ( Squeeze), Noel McCalla (voice of Mike Rutherford’s Smallcreep’s Day) and Sing Gospel Choir of London.

In addition to the Music Club’s in-house instrumental talent, the project also features special guest musicians including: David Cross (ex-King Crimson) on fiddle, Kenwood Dennard (ex-Brand X) on additional drums, Melvin Duffy (Squeeze) on pedal steel, John Hackett on flute, Greg Hawkes (the Cars) on alto saxophone, Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett) on soprano saxophone, Kate St John (Dream Academy) on oboe, English horn and accordion.

While progressive rock was the main influence on the album, the band also drew inspiration from 1960s baroque/symphonic pop (the Beatles, Zombies and Beach Boys of Pet Sounds), art rock/ glam (Roxy Music, David Bowie, Queen), The New Wave of the 1980s (Tears for Fears, the Cars, Squeeze) and touches of gospel, jazz fusion, folk/Americana and modern musical theatre.

The album’s sound is warm and lush, with orchestral instrumentation and backing vocal arrangements augmenting the band’s sound. Vintage keyboards, including mellotron, optigan, celeste and Abbey Road’s famous Mrs Mills and Challen pianos, also contribute to the album’s sonic identity.

The album was recorded at Rocking Horse Studio in New Hampshire in the United States, with additional recording at Abbey Road in London.

The Rocking Horse Music Club will perform the album on 17 and 18 March 2023 at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green, Fletching UK.

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