The Antioch Theater Club will present the last play tonight

The curtain will open for the last time as Cathy’s Creative Kids Club presents its final production tonight.

Twenty students will participate in “Alice in Neverland” starting at 7 pm at Oakland Elementary School, 818 Grass Lake Road, Antioch.

Director Cathy Leafblad, who wrote the play several years ago and will be overseeing tonight’s show, has been leading the program since 2000 in schools in the Antioch region. Over the years, she has also directed productions at Grayslake and Millburn Schools.

“I had 15 wonderful years – loved the kids, loved working in Oakland – but… it’s about time,” she said. “I want to come out on a high note. No regrets. And that’s how I feel. I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing young children who have grown into amazing young adults.”

The after-school club gave students the opportunity to learn the basics of theater, public speaking, character development, set construction, play auditions and production. Leafblad said some of the children have been participating in the program for three years and that she has seen their confidence grow.

“Some of the kids started where they might have two lines in the room and they were nervous and scared. And by the time they were with me for three years, they had leads, they had 40, 50 lines in one. play and they would memorize them all and do wonderfully, ”she said.

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