The board game club organizes a successful first event


Board players from across Worcestershire and beyond traveled to a village in the county for the launch of a new club.

The first meeting of the new Wyvern Tabletop Games Club took place last Sunday, with more than a dozen players in attendance.

There were six tables in play throughout the night, with 40 games to choose from from a rotating library of around 200.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the number of players who came to join us,” said one of the organizers, Bob Churchill.

“There is something very cool about playing in a place dedicated to night games.

“And a room like this is spacious, so we can customize the space with things like coffee tables at each game table so people can keep their cups and bags and things out of the way and be slightly less likely to spill drinks and ruin games.

“And there’s a bar, but no pressure to spend a lot of money. We provide tea and coffee, and you can bring your own drinks. It’s a very cheap and fun night out.”

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Worcester News: There were over 40 games to choose fromThere were over 40 games to choose from (Image: There were over 40 games to choose from)

Evenings like these usually take place in pubs or cafes dedicated to board games.

However, this new club is looking to bring a fresh approach by renting out the refurbished Bishampton ballroom.

It also aims to encourage new members, from those with a lot of experience to those who have only played traditional games like Cluedo or Scrabble.

Worcester News: The club is open to experienced players and beginnersThe club is open to experienced players and beginners alike. (Image: The club is open to experienced players and beginners alike)

The Wyvern Tabletop Games Club meets on the second Sunday of the month at Bishampton Village Hall from 6-9:30pm, with the next event scheduled to take place on Sunday October 9th.

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