The video game club comes out of hiatus


There are many clubs around campus open to students. A specific club that attracts gamers is the video game club. The video game club is a club where players can play video games and participate in tournaments.

“The gaming club has been on campus for many years now,” Addington said. “It originally started as a casual group of people who wanted to play games and needed a place, so I just offered my room and they just came over to play.”

Senior Rylan Kerr appreciates that the club is welcoming and accepts new members immediately.

“I’ve always loved the video game club, I always felt the people there were super nice and really inclusive and they really like trying to make people feel like they belong,” Kerr said.

Addington spends his equipment money to increase space in the classroom rather than having many students packed into a small area. More equipment in the classroom can allow students to walk around and check out different setups to use.

“Flat screen TV, switch docks, things like that and so it involved a bit towards a bigger club. Basically the kids come every day for lunch, both lunches and they play different games with each other. Either on a Switch, WiiU or GameCube,” Addington said.

Video game club is not just about playing games all the time, but learning life lessons to better yourself in the world. Senior Alex Casselman believes the gaming club has taught him life lessons.

“I made friends and that taught me to be better at communication, just talking to a lot of people there,” Casselman said.

When comparing the total number of students between the year 2022 and 2021, the figures have changed frequently. Students came to the club to play video games, but not as many as Addington expected to see. In 2019, the club was filled with larger groups of students than when COVID first hit the school, fewer students showed up to play video games.

“Before COVID, it was really big, we had 30 or 40 people who came regularly. During the COVID shutdown, there was no one there. Since we came back from COVID the numbers are slowly increasing. I would now say we regularly come back to 20 people,” Addington said.

Addington loves how the club invites many students to make new friends with others. This kind of outcome can make the club a fun hangout where students come to chat with friends over lunch or after school.

“It gives people the opportunity to meet socially in a safe place,” Addington said. “It’s supervised, air-conditioned, and they can interact, socialize, and do things with other people.”

Addington suggested the students visit the club. The club is open daily at noon and after school for all students.

“I think it’s a fun club and if anyone wants to check it out they’re welcome to come to room 901,” Addington said.

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