Which K-On Light Music Club member are you? Take the quiz to find out


K-On! It still stands out as one of the best Slice of Life animated series, in large part thanks to its hugely adorable cast of characters and overall healthy vibe. The series follows five high school girls who are part of the Light Music Club, where they perform in various shows and events as a group that writes their own songs.

Each girl has her own unique personality that makes her special, and all of them are endearing and charming in their own way. Yui is often seen as a bit distracted, while Mio is generally considered the most mature and disciplined of the bunch. The characters are quite diverse and you are bound to find one that particularly appeals to you just by watching the series.

If you’ve always wondered which K-On character you aligned with the most, in terms of personality, we’ve put together a short quiz below to help you find out!

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Which K-On Light Music Club member are you? Take the quiz to find out

If you were in a band, what would be your favorite instrument?

How do you like to spend your days off?

When performing on stage, which of these factors is most important to you?

How would you describe yourself as a neat or messy person?

How important is it to you to be in a leadership position in everything you do?

What is your favorite genre of music?

You are in a beautiful seaside resort with your group mates for a training camp. What’s on your mind?

Are you afraid easily?

How are your grades at school?

You are in a position where you need to prioritize your schoolwork or your passion. What are you doing?

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